Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse

Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse is required training for the following roles:

  • Anyone holding the Bishop’s licence, commission, authorisation, or permission (clergy, PtO, Readers, LLMs)
  • Bishops’Visitors/PastoralVisitors
  • Safeguarding Officers
  • Ordinands during IME 1.
  • PCC Members/Lay Chapter Members.
  • Staff at Theological Education Institutions with student facing roles.
  • Members of the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisory Panel.
  • Persons holding any other pastoral role within the Church

Click here to register for the Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse Online Training available on the Church of England website.

Originally, this programme had to be completed online.

This created difficulties for those colleagues who are not confident completing material online and for those with poor or no internet access.

To ensure everyone can access this module, The National Safeguarding Team has produced materials for this module to be completed in person in a group using the PowerPoint slides, or the programmes can be printed and completed individually. They also provide a script to assist colleagues who would like to run the presentation.

Once the programmes are completed the Diocese will issue completion certificates, please email d.brown@newcastle.anglican.org with the following information:

  • Level of training completed
  • Name of person Delivering
  • Name of attendee
  • Email address of attendee
  • PSO of attendee email address (If you would like a copy of the certificate sent to them directly)


Click here to download the PowerPoint

Click here to download the Presenter's Script

Click here to download Handout 1

Click here to download Handout 2

Click here to download the Assessment Sheet


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