Getting started with GiveALittle

Our friends at Parish Buying have developed a donation app especially for churches called GiveALittle. It works by partnering with a payment processor to accept donations on your behalf and then deposit them into your church’s bank account. Once you have registered with GiveALittle, you will be able to connect a payment processor account. There are two payment processor options available:

  • SumUp: a SumUp account can facilitate both contactless and online donations. (NB: you can also use your SumUp account separately with the SumUp app for taking payments).
  • Stripe: a Stripe Express account can facilitate online donations at a lower cost than SumUp. It can accept Apple Pay and Google Pay for online donations and also has a high donations threshold (up to £1m) in a single transaction.
  SumUp Stripe
Online giving? Yes Yes
Online giving transaction rate 1.95% per transaction 1.1% per transaction
Accept Apple Pay & Google Pay online giving? No Yes
QR codes through Give A Little? Yes Yes
Maximum value of single online donation £1,000 £999,999
Contactless giving? Yes No
Contactless giving transaction rate 1.1% debit 1.3% credit cards N/A

By registering with GiveALittle through Parish Buying you will receive free access to a Premium GiveALittle membership which will allow givers to make a Gift Aid declaration when they are making their donation.

Get started now through Parish Buying

Step 1: Create a GiveALittle Account

Instructions: Creating a GiveALittle Account

Step 2: Connect a Payment Processor

Instructions: Creating a SumUp Account

Instructions: Creating a Stripe Account

Step 3: Create A Web/App Campaign

Create a Web Campaign (online donations)

Create an App Campaign (contactless donations via Payaz, CollecTin, or Android device)

QR Codes

With GiveALittle web campaigns, you can instantly generate a QR code which effectively makes it possible for mobile phone users to give contactlessly wherever they are. The film below shows you how to do this.





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