Boards, Groups & Committees

The formation of these boards and groups is constituted under various legislation and other requirements in support of the work of the diocese.

Bishop's Council and Standing Committee (BCSC)

The BCSC is the Standing Committee of the Diocesan Synod. It plans the business of the Synod, advises it, and transacts its business when not in session. As Bishop's Council, it advises the Bishop, appoints members to various committees, and formulates, discusses and co-ordinates policies relating to the life and work of the diocese.
Chair: Bishop of Newcastle
Secretary: Diocesan Secretary, Church House, St John's Terrace, North Shields NE29 6HS. Tel: 0191 270 4114 E-mail:

Membership: Bishop of Berwick and Acting Bishop of Newcastle (the Rt Revd Mark Wroe); Chair of the Diocesan Board of Finance (Canon Simon Harper); Dean (the Very Revd Geoff Miller); Archdeacon of Northumberland (the Ven Rachel Wood); Archdeacon of Lindisfarne (the Ven Dr Catherine Sourbut-Groves); Chair of the House of Laity (Canon Izzy McDonald-Booth); Chair of the House of Clergy (Revd Canon Brian Hurst); Chair of the Diocesan Mission & Pastoral Committee (Mrs Liz Kerry); Dr John Appleby (elected); Mrs Emma Doran (elected); Mrs Lynne Craggs (elected); Prof Gary Holmdes (elected); Mr Phil Ambrose (officer), The Revd Canon Pete Askwer (officer); Mr Roderick Stuart (Officer).

In Attendance: Diocesan Secretary; Bishop's Chaplain

Diocesan Ministry Council (not currently meeting)

A sub group of the Bishop's Council

Chair: Bishop of Berwick, the Rt Revd Mark Wroe
Director: Post Vacant
Secretary: Post Vacant

Membership: Bishop of Berwick; Archdeacon of Northumberland; Archdeacon of Lindisfarne; Chair of the Evangelism Task Group; Adviser for Local Evangelism; Chair of the Children and Young Peoples Task Group; Team Leader: Children and Young People; Chair of the CMD Task Group; CMD Officer; Diocesan Director of Ordinands; Chair of the Anna Chaplaincy Task Group; Director of IME2; Representative of Reader Executive.

Diocesan Finance Group

Chair: Canon Simon Harper
Secretary: Diocesan Secretary, Church House, St John's Terrace, North Shields, NE29 6HS. Tel: 0191 270 4100 E-mail:

Membership: Mrs Liz Kerry (Vice-Chair of the Board of Finance); the Ven Rachel Wood (Archdeacon of Northumberland and Director, Board of Finance); the Ven Catherine Sourbut-Groves (Archdeacon of Lindisfarne and Director, Board of Finance); Mr Phil Ambrose (Officer); Dr John Appleby (Director, Board of Finance); Mr Nigel Collingwood (Deanery Finance Officer, Hexham); Canon Izzy McDonald-Booth (Director, Board of Finance); Mrs Carol Barclay (Deanery Lay Chair).
In Attendance: Diocesan Secretary; Diocesan Finance Manager

Board of Education

Each Church of England diocese is required by law (under the Diocesan Education Board Measure) to set up a Board of Education whose function is to look after the interests of its church schools. Diocesan Boards of Education work with head teachers, governors, Local Education Authorities and the Department for Education and Skills to uphold and enrich the distinctive contribution of church schools to the state education system.

The Newcastle Diocesan Education Board at present has three full-time staff, supplemented by additional consultant and volunteer support. The work of the staff, volunteers and Board members covers a wide range of areas: representing the diocese on a variety of committees and statutory bodies; liaising with LEA and other officers; supporting schools by providing help and in-service training on a wide range of issues including RE and school worship and by supporting and training governors. The Board aims to facilitate the working together of governors, teachers, parents, church and other partners to ensure that the quality of education offered to the children in our church schools
Chair: The Revd Gill Alexander
Secretary: Director of Education, Church House, St John's Terrace, North Shields, NE29 6HS

Houses and Glebe Committee

The Houses and Glebe Committee is constituted under the Repair of Benefice Buildings Measure 1972 as a Committee of the BCSC to which it must report annually.

The Committee is required to appoint surveyors, initiate inspections, and execute agreed repairs to parsonage houses. The Committee also deals with some other diocesan houses. It may, but is not required to, assist with the improvement, upgrading and modernisation of houses. Parsonages may not be altered, extended, demolished, purchased or sold without the approval of the Committee.

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Chair: Canon R Windass
Secretary: Mr Ian Beswick, Church House, St John's Terrace, North Shields, NE29 6HS. Email:
Membership: The Ven Dr Catherine Sourbut Groves; the Ven Rachel Wood; the Revd Sarah Lunn; the Revd Anthony O'Grady; Mrs Jennie Jones.
In Attendance: Property Manager; Diocesan Secretary; Property Assistant

Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee (DMPC)

The Dioceses, Pastoral and Mission Measure 2007 provided for the appointment of a new committee in each diocese to replace the pastoral committee and the redundant churches uses committee. These functions are now contained in Part 2 of the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011, with Schedule 1 of this Measure providing for its constitution and procedure.

The DMPC's functions include:

  • reviewing arrangements for pastoral supervision and care in the diocese;
  • preparing strategies or proposals for making better provision for the cure of souls, which may include reorganisation, and making recommendations to the Bishop;
  • carrying out responsibilities in relation to the future of churches no longer required for public worship.

Chair: Liz Kerry
Secretary: Membership: Acting Bishop of Newcastle The Right Revd Mark Wroe (ex officio); Archdeacon of Lindisfarne The Ven Dr Catherine Sourbut Groves; the Revd Louise Taylor-Keyon (Vice Chair); Aidan Evans (Laity); Alice Murray (Laity); Carol Griffiths (Laity); Susan Ramshaw (Laity).
In attendance: Secretary to the DMPC; Diocesan Secretary; Diocesan Ecumenical Officer; Residentiary Canon Director of Mission and Ministry; the Registrar's Clerk

Diocesan Society

Chair: Canon Simon Harper (Acting)
Secretary: Diocesan Secretary, Church House, St John's Terrace, North Shields, NE29 6HS. Tel: 0191 270 4114 E-mail

Trustees: The Ven Dr Catherine Sourbut Groves; The Ven Rachel Wood, Canon Simon Harper; Dr John Appleby; Mrs Liz Kerry; Canon Izzy McDonald-Booth; Mr Phil Ambrose (Officer); Mrs Gillian Green (Officer)

Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (DAC)

The Committee's primary function is to advise the Chancellor on all applications for permission to carry out works on/to churches and churchyards. Parishes are encouraged to contact the Committee via the Secretary at Church House prior to making any application for faculty or other permission.

The members of Committee are experts in some relevant discipline relating to historic buildings, or have a particular interest in the care or use of church buildings. As such the Committee is well able to offer helpful advice to parishes seeking to maintain their properties or to adapt, extend or improve them. Members serve on the Committee without payment and advice is free to parishes.

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Chair: Canon Roger Styring
Committee Secretary: Mrs Lucy Burfield, Church House, St John's Terrace, North Shields, NE29 6HS. Tel: 0191 270 4127 E-mail:

Vacancy in See Committee

The Committee is responsible for part of the process of appointing a new diocesan bishop, it is a permanent committee but only meets when there is a vacancy for a new Bishop of Newcastle.

The Committee discusses the needs of the Diocese when a vacancy arises and prepares a statement of those needs for the Crown Nomination Commission, together with any information about the Diocese that the CNC requests. The Committee also elects by ballot from amongst its members representatives to be members of the Crown Nominations Committee (CNC). The CNC shortlists and interviews candidates, it is also comprised of both Archbishops and elected members from General Synod.

Members of the Vacancy in See Committee are listed here.


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