Spiritual Director

Revd Lesley Chapman

Bishop’s Advisor in Spirituality and Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is not just for those who are ordained. It is a way to explore your journey with God in your ordinary life. You might come to spiritual direction to integrate your faith into your daily life, or because you need to make a choice about some aspect of your vocation. Spiritual direction gives a space for you to share your hopes, struggles and joys with another Christian, who is trained in the art of spiritual direction, to walk alongside you on your journey of faith and to focus on where God is working in your life. Part of my role is to help to find Spiritual Directors for anyone in the diocese. My contact details are above.

I also support Spiritual Directors in the diocese with ongoing training and supervision. We have just started our second spiritual directors training course. If you are thinking about training in spiritual direction please get in touch.


Another part of my role is to work alongside churches in the diocese who are looking to deepen their life of prayer and their understanding of spirituality. I can help to run retreats or quiet days looking at ways in which to integrate spirituality into daily life, to identify our own spiritual experiences and to go deeper into your life of prayer. If your church would like me to work alongside you then please contact me to talk about how I might be able to help.

Months of Guided Prayer

We also offer Months of Guided Prayer throughout the diocese. These weekly meetings offer, over the course of a month, a chance to look at our prayer lives, giving individuals the opportunity to receive spiritual direction. If you are interested in coming along to one of these courses, or indeed if you want us to run a course in your parish, please let me know.

Email lesley.chapman414@btopenworld.com 

Telephone 01434 608184

Mobile 07411545990

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