Safeguarding Learning Events Programme 2021


Information about Leadership Learning Events 2021 

The Safeguarding Leadership Learning Pathway for those in leadership in church settings, builds on the Basic Awareness and Foundation modules, available online at the Church of England’s learning portal. Click here for more information about the Safeguarding Leadership Learning Pathway.

The focus of the first session is the exploration of what effective leadership behaviour looks like in respect of safeguarding and connecting this to an understanding of how the culture of a Christian community protects people.

  • The people joining this pathway will all have responsibility for shaping the culture within their church context.
  • We will explore ideas such as the values and beliefs they need to have, and how will these be demonstrated in their behaviours. These issues will be explored in the first session through facilitated dialogue around four questions.
  • The session will be preceded by participants considering the same questions through personal reflection and recording and submitting their reflection(s) to the facilitators.
  • This reflection could also be supported through recommended reading which will be provided to participants.
  • The focus of the second session is exploring how to respond effectively to safeguarding concerns. The session aims to help people reflect on how the theology and beliefs of their faith harmonise with the beliefs and values underpinning good safeguarding practice.

 Please click here for a list of dates and instructions on how to book your place.

Once you have booked your place, we will email you to confirm your place and to send programme details and workbook and Zoom links where applicable (or venue details for in-person learning).

Safeguarding Learning

Everyone working in either a voluntary or paid capacity in the Diocese needs to update their Safeguarding Learning every three years.

Click here to register for the Safeguarding Basic Awareness Online Training and the Foundation Training available on the Church of England website.

This training and learning is from the National Safeguarding Training and Development Framework for the Church of England and every diocese is expected to cover the same core information.

Click here to view the training and development framework and what level of training is required for your role (Basic Awareness Online and/or Foundation Online and/or Leadership Learning) for 2021. Please pay particular attention to pages 20-22. 

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