Ordained Ministry

Is God calling you to ordained ministry? How is God calling you?

God calls us in many different ways. You might have a feeling that's been there for years. Or maybe it came as a bolt from the blue. Perhaps friends and people nudged you into thinking about ordination and perhaps youve ignored them for a while, but now youre beginning to wonder if theyre right.

God calls all sorts of people at all sorts of times in their lives regardless their background or qualifications. God needs all sorts of people to reach out and serve all sorts of people.

What is ordained ministry?

Deacons and priests are called to build up the body of Christ wherever they serve.

They do this by

  • Leading worship 
  • Caring for God's people
  • Preaching and teaching
  • Serving the community

They are called to point to Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, and to encourage all Gods people to show Gods love and compassion in the world.

First Steps

If you think this may be your calling

  • Pray take time to speak to God about this, and to listen for the answers. Ask one or two others to pray for you and with you too.
  • Talk see your Vicar, talk through your sense of calling. If you have a Local Ministry Development Team, let them know about your exploration and listen to them. You may also be encouraged to talk with a Diocesan Vocations Adviser or another Reader
  • Read and Reflect you may be able to borrow books from your Vicar or you can use the Resources Centre at Church House. Some suggested books can be found here

Please contact the Revd Stephen Tranter, our Diocesan Director of Ordinands and Vocations to make initial enquiries about vocation or for support in the discernment process towards ordination. 

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