Safer Recruitment for volunteers, paid posts and DBS

Church settings are safe environments for the great majority of children and adults at risk and, of course, the vast majority of people who work with them have their safety and welfare at heart. It is known, however, that some people seek access to children and adults at risk in order to abuse. In addition, some victims of abuse do not disclose the abuse at the time, so the perpetrator may remain active at the church.

This section covers the safe recruitment of all paid staff and volunteers working with children, young people and adults who may be vulnerable.

Following these procedures is essential so that unsuitable people are not appointed to work with children and adults at risk and that those appointed have access to the guidance, training and support they need to operate safely and effectively.


More comprehensive guidance is given in the full Church of England Practice Guidance: Safer Recruitment (2016) 

General Safer Recruitment Forms

Volunteer Posts

Paid Posts

PCC Members forms

PSO Information

  • Model role description for a PSO 

Other HR Policies and practice guidance

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