Contactless giving

Even before Covid, the use of cash was on the decline. Former predictions that in ten years time only ten percent of transactions will be with notes and coins, seem quite optimistic now! Providing the option to donate contactlessly will enable your church to;

  • Capture donations that may not otherwise have been made.
  • Engage with a wider range of visitors, especially those who are not regular churchgoers
  • Offer greater choice for generous givers
  • Future proof for the inevitable further decline of cash
  • Claim additional gift aid through the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme

Popular Devices

To find the right contactless device for your church, it's best to visit Parish Buying where you can view a range of solutions.  For an overview of some of the most popular devices in use in the Diocese of Newcastle, please click on the buttons below;

SumUp Air and SumUp Solo

CollecTin More

Payaz Giving Station

This table shows a cost comparative of these devices plus others available through Parish Buying (prices correct as of Feb 2024)

Device Upfront Cost Monthly Fee Transaction Charges
SumUp Air and Solo £14.99 and £59 N/A 1.1-1.3%
Payaz Giving Station £365 N/A 1.1-1.3%
CollecTin More £310 N/A 1.1-1.3%
CollecTin More (with mount) £395 N/A 1.1-1.3%
GWD Midi From £675 £13.50 1.99% +  5p
GWD Skinny From £895 £13.50 1.99% +  5p


GiveALittle and Contactless

The CollecTin More and Payaz Giving Station both work in conjunction with an Android app called GiveALittle. GiveALittle is a point of donation software developed by Parish Buying. This app was designed to allow users to receive contactless (and online) donations with low set up costs and transaction charges. If you have a SumUp Air card reader you can also use this with the GiveALittle app on your mobile phone or tablet (Android) to take donations. For more information about GiveALittle, please click on the button below.

Getting Started with GiveALittle (for contactless and online giving)

Free trials available

We have a small range of contactless solutions available for parishes to try out for free before they buy. Please contact Joanne or Leanne for further information or to arrange a trial.



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