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This resource is offered to help your church members give more efficiently to their church and save your parish valuable time. The Parish Giving Scheme does not need to replace your current planned giving arrangements but can be given as another option for givers to consider. This resource is offered free to all parishes across the diocese through the generosity of Benefact Trust.

What is it?

A direct debit covenant between a donor and parish that includes optional inflationary giving and automated collection of Gift Aid. The scheme was launched in our diocese in 2017 and has now been adopted by over a third of parishes in our diocese – and this is growing each month!

Why should my parish sign-up?

  • To maximise planned giving and number of planned givers
  • To increase and improve cash flow, especially through Gift Aid recovery
  • To combat static giving as the majority of donors choose to index-link their gift
  • To future proof and protect against an ever-increasing digital society
  • An opportunity to talk about giving and launch a stewardship campaign
  • Its free! Costs are met by the diocese and are wholly funded by Allchurches Trust
  • Professional, tried and tested materials
  • To lighten your administration burden

How to join the Parish Giving Scheme

Before givers can sign up, the parish itself must be registered. Download the correct registration form below and return to Joanne Christie along with a proof of bank details such as copy bank statement, paying in book, cheque book etc.

How to register as a giver

Once the parish is registered, there are three ways in which a giver can set up their Direct Debit to donate regularly to the church or parish:

  • via the PGS website
  • via the telephone service on 0333 002 1271, Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm
  • via paper 'Gift Form' – available from the Generous Giving Team

Promoting PGS in your parish

If the Parish Giving Scheme is available in your church, it is important to communicate this and let people know who they can talk to about joining.

  • Click here for a poster with space to manually add your PGS details
  • Click here for an editable poster with space to add your PGS details (requires Canva)
  • Click here for an editable pew card with space to add your PGS details (requires Canva)
  • Click here for further resources to help promote PGS including guides for givers and copy for newsletters and social media.

PGS quarterly statistics for the Diocese of Newcastle

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