PSO Forums & Induction

We hold a number of events for Parish Safeguarding Officers throughout the year, including PSO forums, Inductions sessions and Safeguarding Parish Dashboard workshops. Please see below for further information:

Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO) Forums

Throughout 2021 we held some Zoom Parish Safeguarding Officers (PSO) Forums and these were well received, with officers appreciating a window to connect with others, to think and talk together about safeguarding practice and to receive support.

The forum is informal and conversations will revolve around:-

• How are you and How are things?

• What is working well where you are in terms of safeguarding?

• What support(s) would be helpful for your safeguarding role?

This will continue throughout 2022 and will be held on the following dates, please book via Eventbrite:

Event Title Event Type 1st Session Date Time Eventbrite Link
PSO Forum Zoom 26/09/2022 8am Click here
PSO Forum Zoom 26/09/2022 2pm Click here
PSO Forum Zoom 27/09/2022 5.30pm Click here
PSO Forum Zoom 08/11/2022 8am Click here
PSO Forum Zoom 08/11/2022 12 noon Click here
PSO Forum Zoom 09/11/2022 3pm Click here
PSO Forum Zoom 10/11/2022 5.30pm Click here




Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO) Induction Sessions Additional dates will follow.

We have scheduled a number of Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO) Induction sessions, a mix of in person learning and Zoom sessions.

The learning outcomes of the pathway are to :

• Understand the role, responsibilities and key working relationships of the PSO.

• Identify a variety of approaches to raising awareness and improving safeguarding practice.

• Evaluate safeguarding information reported by members of the church or community and determine an appropriate response.

• Create a safeguarding development plan for safeguarding practice in your context.

The session last 3 hours and there is some pre programme reflection required and a post programme evaluation task.

There are 12 places available on each session.

The dates for these sessions for 2022 are as follows, please book via Eventbrite:

Event Title Event Type Day 1st Session Date Time Location Eventbrite Link Maximum Capacity
PSO Induction Zoom Friday 14/10/2022 2pm Online Click here 12
PSO Induction In Person Friday 28/10/2022 2pm Church House Click here 12
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