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Climate Sunday

Climate Sunday is inviting all churches to hold a local climate-focused service in advance of the COP26 Climate Conference, in November this year.

There are free resources for a Climate Sunday service to suit different traditions and styles of worship and you can register your service online. In your service consider making a commitment as a local church community to take long term action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and join in calling on the UK government to act on climate change in advance of COP26.

The collective effort of the Climate Sunday campaign will be presented at COP26. You can hold and register your service any time before COP26 starts on 1 November. Watch the national Church of England Climate Sunday service here.

Throughout the Church year

Rogation: 23 - 25 May 2022

Rogation takes place in the springtime, the week beginning the 6th Sunday of Easter and just before Ascension, the liturgy and Rogation procession celebrates themes of renewal.

Environment Sunday: 5 June 2022

Environment Sunday is celebrated on the Sunday nearest World Environment Day (5 June). It is an opportunity for teaching and worship on creation care; you could invite a guest speaker from a Christian environmental organisation to talk about how your church can bless your community in caring for the environment.

Creationtide: 1 September – 4 October

Creationtide is the season in the church calendar between the World Day of Prayer on 1 September and St Francis’ Day on 4 October. Churches and congregations are called to focus on celebrating God’s gift of creation, and bringing about the restoration of the natural world. There are plenty of resources available online, from service outlines to liturgy and harvest prayers. The Church of England has also produced Creationtide weekly group discussion materialsFind inspiration and resources for the Season of Creation 2021 to celebrate this global season of prayer and action for our common home.

Any time of year
For a weekly sermon tip/reflection on the environment see Greening the Lectionary written by Rev Ruth Newton. 

A Time for Creation: Liturgical resources for Creation and the Environment is a resource compiled by the Liturgical Commission for the Church of England, for all services and occasions when there is a focus on creation.

Worship and prayer resources

Outdoor Worship

There are lots of resources for corporate and personal worship outdoors. Nature and the beauty of creation often inspire people to praise God, and outdoor worship can be more informal and accessible.

Outdoor worship guidance and resources from the Church of England

Eco Church Scotland resources for family worship outdoors


Praying for the Earth

A new edition of Praying for the Earth was released in February 2021.

The book is intended to be used as a supplement to the prayers of intercession in church on Sunday, and by individuals in their private prayers, so that praying for the earth becomes a part of our spiritual and daily life.

Rob Kelsey was the first Environment Officer in the Diocese of Newcastle, and formed a task group to promote environmental concern within the diocese.


Pray for COP26

The Church of England is encouraging Christians to pray in advance of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), hosted in Glasgow in November 2021. The COP26 climate talks will bring together heads of state, climate experts and campaigners to agree on actions to tackle climate change.

The Archbishop of York shared a video of the prayer, which can be used in your church’s intercessions or in your own prayers for COP 26.


Pray and Fast for the Climate

Join in with Pray and Fast for the Climate, a movement supported by the Church of England of Christians praying and fasting on the first day of each month for climate justice.




Doxecology by Resound Worship, is an album of contemporary, congregational worship songs on themes of creation, ecology and Christian hope. Alongside the 13-track album there are scores and charts, backing tracks and lyric videos (with streaming permission), and an accompanying book of studies with contributions from some leading scholars and practitioners in the fields of environmental concern and worship. 

Resound Worship have given permission to use all their songs, recordings and videos in online worship, streamed via whatever platform.


Biblical Study

God as the author of creation is a theme found throughout scripture. There are a variety of bible study resources on care of creation and the theme of the environment, these are often aimed at small groups but could also be used for personal study.


Saying Yes to Life by Dr Ruth Valerio

Saying Yes to Life (the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book 2020) explores Genesis 1, providing a biblical response to climate change and the theme of protecting the environment.

  • A great youth resource, stimulating interviews to accompany the different chapters, links to more resources and ideas for further thinking and reflecting, all available on the SPCK website.


Tearfund Bible studies

Tearfund has produced a series of short bible studies available for free online:

Tenants of the King: Operation Noah study course

This is a four-part study series. Through interactive group sessions, video interviews with leading Christian thinkers and insightful Bible commentary, this resource will help you and your church to reflect on the challenges of a changing climate, and how Christians can respond with hope to one of today’s greatest challenges.

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