Forms of generosity

The challenge to live and give generously is about more than money. Christians can focus their lives around serving God and can be called in different ways. We acknowledge that generosity can, and should, take a range of forms. People can be generous with their time, gifts and talents. Without the dedication and support that people give to their churches it would be difficult for them to operate. It is useful to reflect and celebrate on this generosity as it remains the cornerstone of the work of the church. When we take time to think about the different ways that people make church happen it paints a really inspiring picture of how people are directly involved in church life. We encourage churches to reflect and celebrate the different forms generosity can take. There are two useful exercises below:

Generosity in Numbers

Our Generosity in Numbers is a tool for bringing together all thats great about your church. All the people who generously give in different but vitally important ways, can find their contributions stacked up on a list that celebrates all that they share. From hours spent sitting with lonely parishioners in their homes, to money given to charity, to all the cakes baked and sandwiches assembled, all that we give as a church is celebrated in this list.

Click here to download more information about Generosity in Numbers

Celebrating Generosity nomination form.

Generosity in church life (church roles and volunteering)

Generous Giving can also include the time you spend supporting your church through taking on formal church responsibilities, volunteering and helping out. Discipleship and stewardship can see people called to serve in a number of ways. Each of us brings different skills, talents, and time. We have churchwardens, treasurers, finance officers, readers, gardeners, cleaners, and many more ways that people give their time to support their church. Some of the more formal roles carry legal responsibilities/duties, and require a greater commitment. Other roles can be more flexible, but helping out in practical ways can be one way that we can live out our faith and respond to the call to serve God.

If you'd like to get involved as a volunteer then contact your churchwarden or vicar.

Ecclesiastical Insurance have made a video 'Inspiring new church volunteers' 

Supporting other churches (volunteering across the diocese)

Some churches have an abundance of people who help out in different ways. Other churches struggle to find people with the skills and time that they need. As our work encompasses the whole diocese, we often learn of people with some time to spare and churches who could do with some additional support. This could be some administration support, an experienced treasurer, fundraising, social events, and social media. There are many people out there who could help and many churches needing help. So, if your church needs some support or you have some time to spare, then get in touch and get involved as we look to enable people to help their church, and other churches across the diocese too.

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