Changes within the Safeguarding team

First published on: 31st March 2020

I will be retiring as Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser in June this year and the Diocese is starting the recruitment process for a full-time safeguarding adviser to replace me. Ive been in this role for almost six years and until now it has always been a part-time role, so the decision to recruit to a full-time post is welcomed.

I will continue to be involved in Past Case Review 2 until the end of the year on the basis of a day a week but details have yet to be finalised.

Andrew Grant will continue as Assistant Safeguarding Adviser and Ruth OHagan will continue as Administrator for the team.

We are in the process of appointing a Training Officer, someone for the equivalent of one day a week, (at the time of going to press the contract has not been signed off so we cant give a name yet!).

Should you need to contact the safeguarding team about these changes or any other safeguarding concerns we can be contacted in the usual way:

Ruth Rogan on 07825 167 016 or

Andrew Grant on 07741 633 670 or

Ruth OHagan on 0191 270 4100 or r.o'

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