Beyond Youth: May 2024 Holiday Activities

In February half term we ran our first ever “Goes Large” events. Following on from school clubs, these events were bigger and longer, with space for the whole family to come along. Brick Church in Lynemouth gave young people the chance to explore various stories from Jesus’ life through Lego, while in Seaton Hirst we were looking at parables about the Kingdom of God using crafts and other messy activities (the home made play dough was a particular hit!).

Both events were well supported by the local churches, and while they were small they were enjoyed by the people who came and it was lovely to spend time with the families of some of the young people we’ve met before. We’re hoping to run similar events regularly through the year to give families a regular space to explore or express their faith in creative ways.

February half term also saw the Newbiggin Club Consultation. Since starting detached youth work in Newbiggin many young people have requested a youth club so we gathered young people and adults alike to hear their thoughts on who a youth club should be for, how it should run, and what we should do. Children, young people, families, interested adults and community partners all showed up to share their thoughts and there was a real shared sense of creative care for Newbiggin’s young people.

Skipping ahead to April, we celebrated Easter on the beach in Newbiggin with a fire pit, easter egg hunt, and a short service where we reaffirmed our baptismal vows and enjoyed some guitar led worship round the fire together. People out on the beach stopped and joined us for a hot chocolate or a game, and some stayed for the whole event. Spending time on the beach together, with whoever wanted to join us, felt really precious as we remembered Jesus’ resurrection appearances to his disciples.

We finished the Easter holidays with three events for children and young people. First up we joined Bacmans in Lynemouth to run some activities for their holiday club for 5-11s. A lot of 5-11 year olds enjoying crafts and active games for four hours is joyful enough as it is, but the morning was made even more joyful for the excellent work of Tamsin and Meisha, two young people who have been volunteering with us in the holidays. They absolutely threw themselves into it!

Our other two events were Board Game Church Goes Large in Lynemouth, and Brick Church Goes Large in Seaton Hirst. Board Game Church was a surprising hit with some of the more “football or nothing” lads from Lynemouth club, and it was a delight to meet their families. Brick Church saw familiar faces from the half term Messy Church session, and it was lovely to be together again and explore new stories together (this time focusing on Easter).

As well as Tamsin and Meisha, all of these events were run with a wonderful team of volunteers from the parish churches and the community.

Beyond Youth’s work is all about long term relational work with children, young people and families. Holiday events like these provide points of connection for families whom we don’t see in school or in our weekly community activities. For them and for those we do see weekly, these events provide an opportunity to try new things together and explore faith a bit more deeply. We’re excited to continue running events in these parishes and to explore similar events in Holy Sepulchre Parish over the Summer!



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