Would You Walk With Me at My Pace?

I need your company for this part of my journey.

I need you to stand by me and walk alongside me.

I need to be able to tell you enough without having to tell you everything.

I need you to recognise what is keeping me going.

I need you to notice what is driving me forward.

I need you to see what is holding me back.

I need you to wait for me when I need time.

I need you to hold my space for me.

I need you to be there for me when I am ready to take the next step.

We are all pilgrim people in a journey. Although the journey is full of hazards, God and our community keep us company on the way, united by the love and companionship. As pilgrim people walking together with God, we need to grant space for our walking companions; we cannot walk ahead and leave them behind, nor can we let them walk alone. Because of the love and trust that unite us, we want to walk alongside our pilgrim companions in a spirit of respect, trust and love.

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