Vacancy in See Committee

What does the Committee do?

The committee is responsible for part of the process of appointing a new diocesan bishop, it only meets when there is a vacancy for a new Bishop of Newcastle.

The committee discusses the needs of the diocese when a vacancy arises and prepares a statement of those needs for the Crown Nomination Commission, together with any information about the Diocese that the CNC requests.

The committee also elects by ballot from amongst its members representatives to be members of the Crown Nominations Committee. The CNC shortlists and interviews candidates, it is also comprised of both Archbishops and elected members from General Synod.

Who are the members of the Vacancy in See Committee?

Members of the Vacancy in See Committee are either:

  • elected by members of the Diocesan Synod
  • nominated by the Bishop’s Council
  • ex-officio due to the role that they hold within the Diocese of Newcastle

Membership at 14 August 2021

Elected Members

Prof Richard Allsop - laity

The Revd Tom Birch - clergy                                 

The Revd Elizabeth Brown - clergy

Lynne Craggs - laity

The Revd Canon Ian Flintoft - clergy

Chris Hudson - laity

Liz Kerry - laity

Bill Lomas - laity

John Marshall - laity

Sir Philip Mawer - laity

Sally Milner - laity

The Revd Canon Rachel Wood - clergy

Nominated Members

The Revd Dr Gill Alexander - clergy                  

The Revd Yvette Daniel - clergy                                 

Canon Simon Harper - laity

Shirley Morgan - laity

Ex-Officio Members

Canon Brian Hurst - Chair of the House of Clergy

Canon Izzy McDonald Booth - Chair of the House of Laity

The Very Revd Geoff Miller - Dean

The Ven Dr Catherine Sourbut Groves - Archdeacon of Lindisfarne

The Rt Revd Mark Wroe - Suffragan Bishop of Berwick


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