The 2024 General Election – Pray Your Part

First published on: 6th June 2024

How does the prospect of a General Election make you feel? Does it fill you with hope as we decide the future leaders of our nation? Perhaps it seems overwhelming, as our news and media become filled with promises made by politicians trying to win votes.

Politics is indeed messy. It can feel as if the period preceding an election brings out some of the uglier characteristics in our society – a time of heightened division, uncertainty, and fear, exacerbated by blame-shifting and finger-pointing.

With debates centred around the increased cost of living, public services in crisis, climate change and international conflicts, the challenges that our nation is facing seem insurmountable. The response to disengage and the desire to bury our heads in the sand become particularly appealing.

As tempting as this reaction may be, there is no denying that politics matters. The decisions that our political leaders make impact our families, our neighbours, and our communities. A General Election presents an opportunity to consider the kind of society we want to live in.

As Christians, it is an important time to reflect on how we might create a society that better reflects the character and values of Jesus. How can we best use our vote and our voices to engage and participate in this General Election to better love our neighbours and create a more just and loving society?

Ways of engaging:

  • Register to vote
    • In the last general election in 2019, only 67.3% of people voted, meaning that around a third of people eligible to vote did not have a say.
    • To participate in the General Election, you need to be registered to vote. The deadline to register to vote is on the 18th June and is fast approaching!
    • This will also be the first General Election which requires voters to bring a form of photo ID to polling station in order to vote.
  • Attend or host hustings
    • In the weeks leading up to the election, churches and community spaces across the country are hosting hustings to provide members of the public with the opportunity to listen to and question their local MP candidates.
    • Here is a useful resource that provides advice and guidance for churches on how to host a successful husting.
  • Pray
    • Beginning on Friday 14th June, and running until Election Day on 4th July, the Church of England is running a 21-day series of prayers and reflections called Pray Your Part. Each day will explore a different theme, with a short Bible reading, reflection and prayer for a different aspect of our common life.
      • Sign up here to be sent these daily reflections.
    • Here are some themes to consider praying on during the lead up to the election
      • Pray that debates and conversations around the election are characterised by respect, kindness and a readiness to listen to those of different opinions.
      • Pray that those running for office in the elections act with honesty and integrity, motivated not by their ego or party politics, but by service to the public.
      • Pray that the policies promised during this period promote justice, compassion and peace, reflecting the values of Christ.
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