Some Questions ~ Towards a Safer Church

First published on: 20th June 2018

Safeguarding whilst Out and About 

Safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do and it is the responsibility of all of us.

We are approaching the time when groups may be going out and about over the summer.

Whether you are on a day visit, a residential, having a summer holiday club, or going for a parish walk - here are some questions you need to ask as you start planning. Stay safe and have fun.


Has the event /outing/visit been approved by the PCC?
Who is in charge of the event /outing/ visit?
Who are the staff members/ responsible adults?
Have they all got the required qualifications and a DBS check (if required)?
Have you a code of conduct for all the volunteers?
Do they know what their role is?
Have they attended Safeguarding training?
Do they know who to speak to if a disclosure is made or they notice a safeguarding issue?
Have you completed a risk assessment and have all those who need to, seen it?
Have you set up a home contact system in case you need to communicate quickly with relatives of all participants?
Have you got adequate insurance cover?
Is there someone with the delegated responsibility for First Aid or medical emergencies?
Have you a back up plan in case transport fails, weather changes, there is an emergency…
Have you got the required equipment e.g. mobile phone, emergency cash?
Transport does it comply with legal requirements, including seatbelts?

Children and young peoples activities

Have you completed permission forms and health forms?
Have you the correct ratio of adults to children?
Have they adequate competencies i.e. if activity involves water, can they swim?

Activities with adults

Are the participants carrying completed health forms and contacts of next of kin?
Have you enough people to help those who need it?

Additional questions for residential visits

Are the following adequate and appropriate for the size and composition of your group?

  • Sleeping arrangements? 
  • Washing and toilet facilities?

If you are participating in adventurous activities are they:

  • Adequately supervised? 
  • Covered by insurance?

Information to help you answer these questions can be found in Section 8 of the Safeguarding Handbook on the Safeguarding page of the Diocesan website If you have any questions please contact Linda Hunter at lehunter@ or Ruth Rogan at or 07825 167016 for this and any safeguarding concerns you might have.

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