New Wine Discipleship Year

Do you want to spend a year growing as a disciple of Jesus and serving in a local church?The Discipleship Year is for anyone aged 18-24 who wants to grow in their relationship with Jesus, exercise and nurture their spiritual gifts and passions, learn more about God and the Bible, and practically serve in a local church.


The New Wine Discipleship Year runs from September to June. Each week you will receive eight hours of teaching at a regional hub (St Thomas’ is the hub for the North East). Alongside this you will also join a team in a local church as an intern, serving throughout the week and on Sundays. You may wish to join the team at St Thomas’ or at another church in Newcastle/the North East. In addition to the eight hours of teaching, most people spend roughly 12 hours a week serving on their team, meaning they have time to get a part-time job alongside the Discipleship Year in order to pay for living costs.

Teaching takes place each week during term time. It includes community time in our hub, prayer, personal reflection and worship, alongside a curriculum taught by both internal and external speakers. A range of topics will be covered throughout the year, spanning theology, skills and life lessons.

Internships are offered at a number of local churches across the North East and Newcastle. Placements will include Sundays, as well as other days in the week agreed with the local church. There are opportunities to get involved in a variety of areas of church ministry that may include: children’s work, youth work, student work, administration & operations, worship and media.

Each year there are two Discipleship Year Weekends Away. This is where all the Discipleship Year students from across the country come together to learn, worship, build relationships and have fun! You will also get a ticket for the New Wine Leadership Conference. This is all included in the course cost. Additionally, you get the opportunity to serve on a team at New Wine’s summer gathering, United.

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The course costs £1,000 for the year, payable at the beginning of the course. If you have any questions or concerns about funding the year, please get in touch to chat about the possibility of paying the fees in several instalments.


Accommodation for the year will be arranged with your placement church.

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