Would You Respect My Choices?

I need you to try to understand the reasons for my choices.

I need you to respect my need to protect and take care of myself.

I need you to tell me if you are required to let anyone else know.

I need to be informed and involved if you have to act immediately to keep me and others safe.

I need to be safeguarded, but I need you not to take control away from me.

I need to be and feel in control of what happens to me at all stages and in all domains: spiritual, physical and emotional.

I need to be and feel treated as an individual.

I need you not to expect me to do what you think you would do in my place.

I need you to keep supporting me even if you disagree with my choices.

Jesus does not make assumptions about what Bartimaeus, the blind man, needs. He accepts Bartimaeus for who he is now. Others ignore him, but Jesus listens and acts according to his wishes. When we respond to disclosures it is important to respect the choices of the person sharing their story. It can be easy to assume what a person needs, whereas Jesus shows us not to make our own judgements but to ask. There may be times when we need to act to safeguard a person, however we must still involve them in this process and keep the person informed.

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