Living in Love and Faith

First published on: 20th July 2021

The Church of England is embracing the 'unique opportunity' to learn and reflect across differences, through Living in Love and Faith (LLF).

LLF is a set of resources exploring questions of human identity, sexuality, relationships, and marriage, launched on 9 November 2020.

The Diocese of Newcastle has appointed Izzy Mcdonald-Booth as our LLF Advocate as well as a dedicated LLF Chaplaincy, led by Revd Lesley Chapman, who has a team of people happy to support anyone embarking on this process.

In June, our Diocese held an Open Synod Forum introducing LLF and the range of resources available – and now deaneries and parishes have been asked to engage with the five-session course in their own way.

The LLF resources are designed to facilitate open, honest, and gracious learning and discussion among churchgoers across the country.

LLF draws together the Bible, theology, science, and history with powerful real-life stories, in what is understood to be the most extensive undertaking of any church to hear and articulate as wide a range of voices, lived experiences and theological understandings as possible in this area.

LLF Enabling Officer, Dr Eeva John, who took part in our Open Synod Forum, said: “It has been a privilege to have offered facilitation training for over 350 people.

"Learning about and sharing good practice is giving people the confidence to lead small groups in a way that deepens understanding and relationships even across disagreement about such sensitive and personal matters.

"A number of groups have engaged already online, while others plan to engage in the autumn when restrictions are lifted.” 

FAQs and more info

We have prepared some  ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ which have been answered by our LLF Advocate.

Find out more about ‘Living in Love and Faith’ on the Church of England website - take a learning journey through the full range of resources including the LLF course, films, podcasts and an online library.

Training sessions

Thursday August 12 | 7pm-9pm on Zoom 

Wednesday August 25 | 10am-12noon on Zoom 

The aims of the sessions are:

- to recognise the hallmarks of a well facilitated group discussion

- to understand what makes a good facilitator and begin to embody the qualities and skills you need

- be better equipped for sensitive discussions about potentially divisive subjects

If you would like to book please email

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