Bishops will help to put Christmas in a Bag for school children

First published on: 1st December 2023

Churches in a North Tyneside community are doing their bit to enhance the Christmas experience for local children.

St John’s Church in Percy Main and St Peter’s, Balkwell, are putting together educational packs, which will be handed out to school pupils in the parish.

The Christmas in a Bag packs will each contain a Christingle kit and other activities which tell the Christmas story.

Now the race is on to find chocolate selection boxes to complete each pack before they are handed out.

The Revd Lee Cleminson said boxes are already being generously donated in numbers, but more are needed to reach the target of 950.

He explained: “We’ve been doing this for four years now and last Christmas we managed to receive 900 boxes.

“We think it’s a lovely thing to do at because it gives the children something that is both fun and educational in the run up to Christmas.

“Some parents have told us that they like to spend time doing these activities with their children on Christmas Eve. We’re very grateful for all the boxes donated so far.”

The packs, contained in carrier bags provided by the Children’s Society, also include a blank Christmas card for the children to send to a special person of their choice.

People from the community volunteer to help collate the bags. This year, the volunteers will be joined by Bishop Mark, while Bishop Helen-Ann will be providing a short Christmas message to go inside the packs.

To donate – take a Cadbury Dairy Milk small selection box to St John’s Church, Percy Main, on Mondays between 9.30am and 11.30am – no later than Monday 11 December.

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