Bishop of Newcastle enters the House of Lords

First published on: 26th October 2023

The Bishop of Newcastle has taken her seat in the House of Lords and in so doing has become one of the 26 Lords Spiritual and a Lord of Parliament.

Bishop Helen-Ann was supported in her introduction by the Bishops of London and Derby. She presented her Writ of Summons from the Crown and swore a parliamentary Oath of Allegiance.

Attending the ceremony and watching from the Gallery were family and friends. They were joined by two students and a teacher from Duke’s Academy in Ashington, by John McCabe, the Chief Executive Officer of North East Chamber of Commerce and members of the Bishop’s staff team.

She is very much looking forward to using the privilege of this seat for the good of the Diocese and the many communities it covers: its people, places and issues.

Bishop Helen-Ann reflected: “I am looking forward to this new aspect of my role as Bishop of Newcastle. Becoming a Lords Spiritual will, I hope and pray, enable me to speak further into the public square about the issues of vital importance to our varied region and to meet with and collaborate with other members of the House in our collective role of scrutiny and challenge.

“I am very aware of the different views about bishops in the Lords, who in fact make up only three percent of its total membership. I will take my time to discern carefully what issues I might seek to amplify and engage in, and also try hard not to get lost in the many identical corridors of the Palace of Westminster!

“I am very grateful indeed for the continued support and prayers of so many people in this new season.”

You can watch Bishop Helen-Ann's introduction to the Lords here:

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