Workplace Chaplains


Workplace chaplains visit people at work, in a great range of industries and workplaces. Chaplains are motivated by their faith in God who cares and wills all things be transformed and renewed by His love and life. By this simple ministry of presence chaplains seek to promote work practices which are fair, equitable, sustainable and give dignity to all. A chaplain questions, celebrates, encourages and cares for all they meet, whether or not they are people of faith.

Most workplace chaplains are volunteers who give a few hours a week, visiting a number of local workplaces regularly. Chaplains usually work in local teams, which are invariably ecumenical, with chaplains drawn from a range of churches.

Click here for more information about Northumbria Industrial Mission (NIM) and workplace chaplaincy in our Diocese.

Fiona Usher

Chaplain Team Leader NIM, Principal Chaplain TWFRS & Lead Chaplain at Newcastle International Airport



Lay Chaplaincy Course

Are you committed to spiritual development? Would you like to be involved in sharing God’s love by offering chaplaincy support?

Chaplains minister in various contexts – from shopping precincts to hostels, offices to schools or workplaces. This course, which is ran by Lindisfarne College of Theology, will help you become a confident Christian lay chaplain.

Entrance Requirements:

  • A recommendation / commendation from your vicar – chat to them first
  • An application form
  • Access to the course is by interview
  • Places are limited, so hurry!


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