Safeguarding Leadership Learning Pathway

The Safeguarding Leadership Learning Pathway for those in leadership in church settings, builds on the Basic Awareness and Foundation modules, available online at the Church of England’s learning portal.

If you have not yet completed those two courses, please do so as they provide the foundation for the learning you will undertake in the Safeguarding Leadership Learning Pathway.

This Learning Pathway provides a chance to reflect on your own understanding of safeguarding in a church setting.

Rather than focusing on simply providing you with information or ‘step-by-step’ guides, this module encourages you to reflect on the foundations and priorities of good safeguarding in your church setting and how you can contribute to its development.

This pathway is intended to be transformational.

Once people have completed the pathway, the aim is that they are in some way different to the people they were when they started it. The aim is that participants reflect deeply on their own values and beliefs and integrate these with the values and beliefs underpinning good safeguarding behaviour.

The idea is that good safeguarding behaviour can then flow from an inner motivation, rather than be experienced as an external process to be followed under duress.

By the end of this pathway, you will:

  • Connect the Church’s mission and theological foundations with what good leadership behaviour looks like in a safeguarding context.
  • Evaluate aspects of their own leadership practice and identify changes required which they then take forward with confidence.
  • Analyse what healthy Christian communities look like, how healthy communities keep people safe, and their role as leaders in shaping Christian communities that are healthy and safe.
  • Reflect on the impact that abuse and trauma have on individuals’ lives, relationships, and interaction in a community setting.
  • Integrate their own faith, beliefs, and values with those underpinning good safeguarding behaviours.
  • There are several components to this pathway and there is a recognition that participants are on a learning journey in respect of safeguarding which we would want them to continue after their involvement in this specific pathway.

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