Bishops' Diaries

This is not a full list of the Bishops engagements, but includes the items we think might be of particular interest to you. Under the present circumstances there is a possibility of cancellations or meetings changing to virtual meetings.

Bishop of Newcastle




1st Chrism Mass & Eucharist of the Last Supper, Cathedral
2nd Good Friday Liturgy, Cathedral
4th Easter Day Eucharist, Cathedral
12th Northern Church Leaders
13th Interviews Christ the King Team Ministry
14th Bishop’s Staff Meeting
15th Meeting re Curacy Placements
19th Meeting of Archbishops with Diocesan Bishops
20th House of Bishops
21st Meeting of Bishops Staff & Area Deans   
22nd Shortlisting - Archdeacon of Northumberland
23rd/24th General Synod
26th Yorkshire & North East Regional Meeting
27th Church Commissioners Board of Governors
28th Mission and Church Property Committee
28th Ecclesiastical Law Society Trustees Meeting
29th Interviews – Archdeacon of Northumberland

Bishop of Berwick



1st Chrism Mass, Cathedral
4th Easter Service St Andrews, Newcastle
6th Bishop of Newcastle
7th Transformation
8th Transformation
14th Bishop’s Staff Meeting
15th Transformation
16th Shortlisting for Curacy Placements for 2022
19th Transformation
20th Transformation
21st Area Deans & Bishop’s Staff; Together Newcastle Trustees
22nd Transformation
26th Yorkshire & North East Regional Bishops
27th Transformation
28th Transformation
29th Transformation


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