Bible Study Review

Would you like something a bit different for Lent?

Here is a six session bible study course on CD which is especially appropriate in this Olympic year.

Available from The North East Religious Learning Resource Centre.

Keep on Track - Six Studies on Effective Christian Living.

Six Audio Bible Studies exploring core aspects of effective Christian living, based around sporting analogies from the Bible. Pack includes 2 CDs plus Leader's Study Booklet.

Each session has 4 short CD tracks to listen to. These include teaching, Bible reading and space for reflection. The notes that come with the course include opening discussion ideas, and questions to help discussion go deeper.

Each session has a prayer and a final thought.

This is a course which is easy for small groups to use. It is ready to use and may well be appropriate as a lead up to the olympics or any other sporting event, but it could be used any time.

  • Study 1 - Team Selection
  • Study 2 - Achieving Fitness
  • Study 3 - Spectators and Participating
  • Study 4 - Encouraging the Team
  • Study 5 - Passing the Baton
  • Study 6 - The Final Award Ceremony

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