Newcastle Diocese Generosity Week

This year we are excited to be supporting a new diocesan wide event which allows us the opportunity to spend eight days collectively focusing on nurturing and encouraging generosity. The dates have been chosen to coincide with National Generosity Week which also takes place between Sunday 26 September to Sunday 3 October.

Newcastle Diocese Generosity Week gives us the chance to really live out our diocesan vision, values and priorities. Being generous with God’s transforming gifts is key on our journey of transformation, as we seek to put mission at the centre of all that we do.

Our aim is to inspire, encourage and celebrate how generous giving enables mission and ministry to flourish in our Diocese. We want to deepen our understanding of God’s generosity towards us and explore how we can live more generously in our daily lives. We hope that Newcastle Diocese Generosity Week will give us time and space to reflect on this.

Getting Started - Stories of Generosity

Everyone needs inspiration to live generously and to be given hope that we can grow in generosity to become more Christ like. In the build up to Newcastle Diocese Generosity Week, we have heard many wonderful accounts from around our diocese of inspirational acts of generosity. The stories we have heard cover many forms of generosity; the giving of time, talents, possessions and money.

We have captured some of these Stories of Generosity to celebrate what is already happening, but also to encourage us to think not from a perception of scarcity but from an awareness of God's abundant generosity to us, that we may be inspired to share all that He has given us with others. Before you get started, please click here and take a few moments to read and enjoy!

Getting Involved - Resource Hub

There are many ways to participate in Newcastle Diocese Generosity Week and lots of resources have been created to help you along the way. You might like to use the generosity themed service packs or the 'Living Faith' discipleship materials, you could take up the 'Generosity Week Challenge' or you might like to listen to the daily podcasts individually or in groups. It may be that you decide to organise a community fundraising event or take the opportunity to hold an annual giving review in your church.

Click here to access our Resource Hub and find out more about how you can get involved.

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