The Generous Giving Challenge

As Christians we are duty bound to be generous. We need to resource the mission of our churches across the diocese and although it is not always easy to talk about money, it remains a critical component for enabling mission. Thinking about GIVING in some simple way can help us focus our thoughts for some more substantial efforts.

Spare change: Although we all face different financial demands, could we divert money from buying a cup of coffee per week/per day and instead donate this money to our church? Do we always look for the cheapest products or do we think about Fairtrade?

Cup of coffee

Spare time: You may already give financially to your church, so perhaps you could give some time or use your talents to benefit the church.

Spare some time

Spare a thought: As we lead increasingly busy lives are we generous in our day-to-day interactions with the people and situations we encounter? Are we courteous to people? Do we take the opportunity to brighten people's lives with a smile or a kind word?

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