Follow Me on Monday

Follow Me on Monday

There are eight topics in the Follow Me on Monday series. Each topic is an opportunity for you to discuss and share with others your own experience of some of the joys and struggles of living as faithful disciples in everyday life. Each topic addresses an important question that is at the heart of being an active and engaged disciple in everyday life. The topics can be followed in any order and over any timescale to suit your needs.

An overview of the topics:

Discernment and prayer (How can I keep open to God each day?)

How do we develop patterns of prayer and discernment which enables us to make sense of the whole of our lives and its many blessings, and discover how to look at life through Gods eyes?

Download Discernment and Prayer sample booklet.

Wholly living (Where is God in every part of my life?)

How might we see the whole world of life as belonging to God, in which sacred and secular divisions disappear and the activity of God is to be recognised in the very ordinariness of life and work?

Being the Church in the world (God loves the world does the Church?)

How do we relate together as a baptised community that worships, serves others, encourages and learns together, whether gathered or dispersed, into every corner of life? How we learn to be the church in the world?

Partners with a purpose (What am I here for?)

How might we recognise that we are called to become partners with God in His creative and loving purposes? How can we seek to make a personal contribution by discovering purpose in our life and releasing our unique gifts and passions?

Kingdom living (What does happiness and a good life look like?)

How can we learn to recognise signs of the kingdom and seek out the possibilities of kingdom living? How do we promote the wellbeing and flourishing of all consistent vision revealed in Jesus Christ?

Standing in solidarity (How can you believe in God when there is so much suffering in the world?

How do we attend to and listen to the world standing alongside each other when we struggle with life? How do we witness to the God of hope, who is so often revealed in pain and suffering?

Reflecting and responding to God (What difference can I make?)

How can we seek to make connection between the issues of daily life and our Christian faith, its heritage and scriptures by practising reflective habits that open up a fresh response to God?

Building bridges (How do I talk about faith with others?)

How do we live in the world where matters of faith are either ignored or too often dismissed as irrelevant? How do we talk about or share our faith by responding to the questions of meaning that people are really asking?

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