Deanery Mission Planning

On Saturday 15th October 2022, Deanery Development Groups (DDGs) from across the diocese met to hear about the launch of the Deanery Mission Planning process.

This task is for each deanery to develop their vision and mission for the deanery, consistent with the values and priorities discerned by the diocese, and produce a plan for the deployment of our clergy and lay ministry. In support of this, there are four key documents:

  • Praying and Learning Together resources – to help equip and support us throughout the planning  process, and beyond.

  • A revised Deanery Development Groups Handbook – a reminder of the role of DDGs and their remit.

  • A Briefing document which provides some overarching background and context.

  • A Deanery Mission Planning Template - which has been shared separately with each deanery – containing both data to support and inform the planning process, and the planning template to be completed and submitted by each deanery.

You can watch Bishop Mark's introduction to the planning day and prayer below. You can watch other videos from the day here.

In addition to this, a deanery specific briefing outlining some specific observations regarding the context and opportunities in each deanery will be shared with each DDG by the respective Archdeacon. Should you have any questions in respect to either the data content or how to interpret it, please do not hesitate the get in touch with Chris Elder at

A mid-point check-in is planned for Saturday 4th February 2023, which will be another opportunity for all the DDGs to come together face-face, this time to share experiences of the planning process with each other so that we can learn from each other around good practice and address any common concerns.

The plans are to be submitted to the Archdeacons by Friday 30th June 2023. 

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